Environmental biochemistry

A platform of biochemistry for research in environmental and agricultural sciences

Biochem-Env ( is a technical platform allowing the development and the analysis of biochemical indicators in natural media and associated living organisms. In soils and sediments, the platform develops the measurement of enzymatic activities involved in the biogeochemical cycles and the metabolism of macromolecules, or reflecting the overall metabolic activity of these media. It develops also biochemical indicators of benthic and terrestrial invertebrates, such as energetic reserves and macromolecules, oxidative stress, detoxification mechanisms, exposure to environmental contaminants...

Biochem-Env is also a structure offering to the scientific community open datasets on functional biodiversity. To reach that objective, the platform develops an Environmental Information System centered on a database gathering its measurements, results and associated metadata. Rigorous quality standards are a prerequisite for that system, which will be interoperable with other French databases. The information and knowledge gain obtained by the platform will allow the development of mathematical and modeling approaches to evaluate and predict the impacts of environmental hazards on functional biodiversity.

In relation with activities related to its scientific and technical objectives, the platform operates expertise, higher education and training, as well as scientific watch. It also aims at valorizing the produced results (scientific and transfer publications, participation in congresses and workshops) and its developed protocols (standardization).



The platform Biochem-Env is hosted by the research department UMR1402 Ecologie fonctionnnelle et écotoxicologie des agroécosystèmes (EcoSys) in Versailles, France.


Biochem-Env is a service of the Research Infrastructure for Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems (AnaEE-France,

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