BRC - GenoSol

BRC - Environmental genomic resources

Exploring the microbial world to better protect our environment

The conservatory of GenoSol ( is a French Centre for Soil Genomic Resources (CRG) (unique in Europe). Its goal is to store and conserve genomic resources (DNA) and make them available to the scientific community. The conservatory is surrounded by a technical platform. It is responsible for development and technological survey of the methods used to extract nucleic acids from the soil and environment, as well as the tools used to characterize microbial genetic resources (genotyping, mass sequencing, metagenomics, metaproteomics, activity measurements…).

The conservatory of GenoSol is certified ISO 9001 and benefits of the BRC Ibisa label.



The conservatory of GenoSol is hosted by the research department UMR1347 Agroecologie in Dijon, France.


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