COL - Plant-parasitic nematodes

COL - Plant-parasitic nematodes

Two collections of plant-parasitic nematodes are available in BRC4Env

The collection is managed by the Nematology Group in Sophia Antipolis. On site, living collections of ca. 150 populations from worldwide origins belonging to several nematode genera of agronomic interest (root-knot nematodes, Meloidogyne spp.; the pine wood nematode and associated species, Bursaphelenchus spp.; and nematode vectors of plant viruses, Xiphinema spp.) are currently being maintained.

The collection is deposited at the UMR1355 Institut Sophia AgroBiotech (ISA) in Sophia, France. The ISA is a research laboratory with greenhouses and controlled-environment chambers for carrying out in vitro and in situ experiments, with official agreement for the manipulation of quarantine nematodes, and all the laboratory facilities needed for molecular biology studies.

Contact: Pierre Abad,



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